A key player in the sugar industry, from the reception to the extraction of juice, Maguin also supports you during all your factory, beet sugar or sugar cane downstream projects.

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The beet sugar processing experts since 1843.

Over the years, Maguin has become a specialist in upstream sugar refining processes and has developed or acquired technologies that are now references in the beet sugar industry.

As such, Maguin can offer, primarily with its own products, an entire section of a beet sugar factory, from beet storage to juice purification, including pulp processing.

In addition to supplying new installations, Maguin also provides assessments of existing units (equipment performance or condition audits), followed by proposed changes.

We have numerous references for beet processing lines of 3,000 to 30,000 T/day.

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With many years of experience, Maguin provides optimised solutions for the design of beet flow, using hydraulic or dry feeding.

Maguin fields of application :

  • Extractors and conveyers
  • Water guns
  • Automated truck unloading
  • Dry soil separators
  • Beet pumps
  • Flume Stone catchers
  • Flume Weed catchers
  • Water separators

As well as the complete engineering process for the storage and transport of beets.


Maguin’s washing station offers the best compromise between efficiency, sugar loss and the valorisation of co-products. Maguin provides a full range of equipment, including many technologies unique to the market. Maguin’s washing processes and machines are also used for similar root vegetables such as potatoes, chicory, artichoke, cassava, etc.


As the inventor of the drum beet slicer technology in 1913, Maguin has initiated all areas of development in this field.
The drum beet slicer offers the best results when used with knives and knife maintenance machines.
Maguin provides individual machines as well as complete cutting units, including the preparation of knives, manufacturing and installation studies.



Maguin offers complete diffusion lines, ensuring the highest extraction of sugar, whilst maintaining a low draft.
The unique design of our diffusion tower is key to achieving optimum performance.
The cossette mixer completes the diffusion tower in order to improve the overall energy balance.


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Maguin’s technology, based on the FOURS DELOT Int. expertise acquired by Maguin after taking over FDI in 1994, has since been further developed. Maguin offers coke/anthracite kilns, specially designed for sugar factories, with over 100 new kiln references, as well as a number of renovation works to existing installations. Maguin provides complete installations, including milk of lime from the preparation unit, individual machines or repairs for existing lime kiln parts, following an audit by our specialists.

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Thanks to our experts in sugar manufacturing processes, MAGUIN can offer a wide range of strategic equipment to ensure high technical and energy performance for the downstream process.


MAGUIN scales, designs and manufactures key equipment for purification stations :

  • Pulp catchers
  • “Naveau” vertical pre-limers
  • Limers
  • Carbonation with Richter tubes or external circulation


MAGUIN defines and designs all types of evaporators, in carbon or stainless steel, and more particularly Falling Film Evaporators. Their robust, high-performance and compact design, adapted to a large number of particularly demanding fluids, is perfect for evaporating sweet juice over increasingly long operating times.

Our MAGUIN teams are here to help you define the best adapted solution to your thermal ratio and can offer high performing solutions such as the Mechanical Vapour Recompression (MVR) or our range of Chacoux / Intéris thermo-compressors.


  • MAGUIN offers a large range of solutions for crystallisation :
  • Single/double-side melters and minglers
  • Elliptical massecuite mixers
  • Vertical cooling crystallizers for exhaustion of massecuites
  • Batch pans with tubular, honeycomb or plate calandria
  • Continuous vertical pans


Main washing drum

Final washing drum

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Diffusion tower

Lime kiln

Weed catcher

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