La conception au service de la valorisation

Company Overview


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Maguin, renowned for its expertise in sugar technology, has in more recent years diversified its activities.

Today the Company offers a full range of processes and equipment within four major areas:

  • Beet Sugar Industry
  • Drying and screening of organic and mineral materials
  • Alcohol and Bio-ethanol production
  • Environmental control majoring in incineration of industrial and hospital waste

These four operational departments are able to integrate their creativity, expertise and production capabilities to respond to customers’ needs.

Maguin has built up over many years reference technologies and the reputation for high quality equipment and services.

Our aim is to reinforce this image by continuous development in our markets while responding to changing customer needs.

Maguin is one of two core businesses owned by Moret Industries and is located at Saint-Quentin, northern France, the other is the industrial pump specialist Ensival Moret International.