Customer services


on site per year

days of
assistance during the sugar campaign

Maguin propose you: diagnosis visits for maintenance and process, the delivery of spare-parts, revamping of equipment, technical assistance, commissioning, assistance, training.

Service on site

  • Complete audits of installations with regard to operating and maintenance conditions
  • Diagnosis and preventive maintenance work
  • Spare part inventories
  • Equipment commissioning
  • Evaluation and proposals to improve the quality and productivity of your processes and equipment (for example: energy optimization, renewal of facilities and modifications…)


Refurbishing and checking, mechanical and electrical leveling and automation in our workshops in Charmes.

Manufacturing and distribution of spare-parts

The manufacture and supply of spare parts worldwide, original manufacturer warranty, shorter one-stop-shop delivery times for your parts and consumables are allowing significant gains in the processing of your orders.

Near-side maintenance

Since its creation in 2002, JPi Maintenance is specialized in industrial maintenance in the field of agro-industry and more precisely in the sugar sector.
We carry out the inter-campaign maintenance of equipment in many sugar factories in France and are permanently present in most of them for ensuring the near-side maintenance.
Flexible and reactive, we are able to intervene in case of emergency but also to replace important pieces or elements of equipment.