Who are we?

Specialized in the fields of sugar, fertilizers and environment, Maguin has been offering a full range of services and industrial equipment for more than 175 years. As part of a global offer or a more specific mission, Maguin designs, manufactures, delivers, assembles, supervises / controls and assists its customers for the duration and after the completion of their industrial projects.

230 employees


2 production sites

1 customer services

18 000 sqm2 of

3 activities

2 engineering offices



175 years of experience

Our references

Countries in which Maguin is present

Drum beet slicers

Diffusion towers

CerCat® filters

Lime kilns

Pre-fermentation drums

Washing drums

Fermentation units

Distillation units

Rectification units

Dehydration units

Concentration units

Our History

Company setting-up

Constant Tordeux founds a limes factory and has 30 workers.


The factory is sold to Alfred Maguin

Maguin, Charmes, France
Alfred Maguin is interested in sugar factories and the diffusion process. A revolution. He needed knives, knife holders and cutters, he built a knife factory and several workshops.


Rotary drum beet slicer invention

This is the biggest advancement in beet slicing, it enables to obtain high quality cossettes. Flow rate 600 t/d.


New Factory

1907 destruction of the factory by a fire, the factory is rebuilt and extends over 15 ha connected to the railway, it employs 500 workers.


Activities of the Charmes factory in the 1930s

Alongside its world-renowned specialities (knives, drum beet washers, stone catcher, weed catchers, sugar beet elevators, rotary drum beet slicers) for which Maguin improves regularly performances, the Société Nouvelle des Etablissements Maguin commonly manufactured all the equipment for sugar factories, refineries, distilleries, chemical factories (manufacture of sulfuric acids and superphosphates).


The 1950s

Maguin’s activity developments. It was during this period that the Maguin portfolio grows more and more and that the company also specializes in manufacture of equipment for industry Chemical, with all types of rotating drum (dryers, granulators, etc.) and a range of 3-cylinder fertilizer crushers.


Maguin joins the Moret Industries Group

Maguin is bought by Moret Industries Group and enables it to diversify its activities, until then focused on the design and manufacture of Industrial pumps and handling in sugar.


Fours Delot International acquisition

Maguin expands its range of processes by integrating FDI technology, dedicated to the preparation of lime for the purification of sugar juice.


Chelmza acquisition Poland

Maguin extends its commercial presence In the Eastern countries. Chelmza is a production site specialized in the construction of  equipment, such as sugar dryers, sleeve filters, frames and other miscellaneous mechanical welded constructions.


Interis acquisition

Maguin diversified its activities with Interis, founded in 1989 and specialized in the design of bioethanol units and rectified alcohol from raw materials like sugar beet, sugar cane, cereals as well as sorghum and manioc.


Remex acquisition

Maguin integrates Remex, a technology specialist in vibrating screens, to complete its beet washing line.


Buckau Wolf know how acquisition

Maguin continues to extend its know-how in the front-end of beet sugar factories by integrating the extraction (diffusion) process.


JPi Maintenance acquisition

Maguin completes its customer service with JPi Maintenance, founded in 2002 and specialized in industrial maintenance in the field of sugar industry.


Sugar & alcohol pole of Moret Industries Group

With 170 years of experience and a wide range of products, installations and skills, Maguin continues to assist its customers in all relevant projects around the world. Our specific knowledge and the physical size of our company enables us today to have the necessary flexibility for adapting ourselves to the requests of our customers but also to be reactive and professional in the execution of their projects.


Our CSR & Quality commitments

Maguin is committed to responsible business practices by improving the quality of its processes every day, by acting for sustainable development and by sharing with its employees, partners and customers, its vision of ethics.


Maguin has long been aware of the importance of the health and safety of its employees as well as the quality of its products and services. True guarantees of efficiency and performance in our value chain, it is with these objectives that we build our management systems, recognized by the ISO 9001:2015 and MASE-UIC v2014 certifications.

In order to continue their efforts, our employees have worked with all stakeholders to draw up a CSR Charter that reflects the main principles and objectives of Maguin for a sustainable performance. All the measures taken are based on a major goal: a balance between the financial health of the company and the respectful management of the activity with regard to the environment and social involvement.


Our CSR Charter, based on the Group Code of Ethics & Conduct, is summarized in our CSR Policy.

Together, for Humankind & the Planet!