The alcohol production from sugar materials (beets, sugar cane,…) generates big quantities of vinasses, a residue of distillation rich in potassium and others mineral and organic components. Vinasses can be valorized in different ways, either in liquid fertilizer production, concentrated or solid, either by the energy production, in form of biogas coming from the anaerobic bio-digestion, either in form of vapor produced by their incineration.


The vinasses concentration enables to solve the problems linked to the important volume of vinasses and to consider their transport under concentrated way with a reasonable cost, toward plants far from the distillery for valorizing them as fertilizers.
Typically, Maguin Interis units are equipped with vinasses concentration device reducing the volume of vinasses of more than 80% by producing a stable residue which can be stored before the spreading.


  • Low clogging by implementing low temperatures and forced circulation on the last effects
  • Possible high concentrations adapted to the incineration thanks to the forced circulation
  • Productive hours maximized. Few stops for cleaning of the evaporators
  • No evaporator in stand-by necessary to avoid stops during cleaning
  • Low vapor consumption, energetic couplings with the distillation and the dehydration


  • Applicable on raw vinasses and bio-digested vinasses
  • Simple or multiple effect technology
  • Co-current, counter-current or crossed current technology
  • The design is independent or integrated to the distillation or dehydration


Many Maguin Interis units are equipped with bio-digestion units of vinasses which have been designed by specialized companies in partnership with Maguin Interis. The biogas product can be burnt in boiler for producing steam, or for feeding a gaz engine or gas turbine to generate electricity.

Maguin holds an advanced technology for transforming the digested vinasses into solid product. These dried vinasses can be used alone as fertilizers or in a mixture with other components.

The incineration of concentrated vinasses or the drying of methanized vinasses enables to produce some ethanol with ‘zero liquid effluent’

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