Maguin Interis offers innovating solutions enabling his customers to produce alcohols of PREMIUM quality while optimizing the production costs.
For more than thirty years, Maguin Interis is synonymous with excellence in the spirits industry. Many units of alcohol production aimed to the elaboration of rums, vodkas, whiskeys and others spirits make reference in this field.


  • Production of Premium quality Alcohol with a low consumption of steam while keeping the organoleptic properties of the final product
  • Experience with many raw materials :
    • Cereals and starchy products : Corn, rye, wheat, barley, potato,
    • Juice and sugar cane molasses
    • Products coming from the wine industry: marcs, lees, wines
  • Control of the technology of hydroselection column
  • Adaptation of the technologic optimizations coming from Maguin Interis’ expertise of the rectification
  • Easy operation. Entirely automated unit


  • Capacities already achieved from 10 000 l/d to 45 000 l/d of Pure Alcohol
  • Production of various alcohols:
    • Agricultural rum
    • Traditional rum
    • Light rums
    • Whiskey produced in columns
    • Brandys
    • Rectified alcohol produced for the wine products (wine brandy…)
  • According to the desired quality, various schemes from one to several columns
  • Design of Tailor made solution adapted to specific needs of each customer
  • Conformity with current norms of the country of production and to the controlled designation of origin
  • Possibility of audit and expertise on existing sites in order to improve the energetic performances while keeping the organoleptic qualities of the product.