Maguin Interis offers some innovating solutions enabling his customers to produce PREMIUM quality alcohol while optimizing the production costs.
Since more than thirty years, the excellent reputation of Maguin interis comes from numerous references of rectification units designed and built for main producers of spirits and producers of Extra Neutral Alcohol for pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industries.


  • Production of Premium quality Alcohol with a low steam consumption while limiting the production of low grade and offering a high output in alcohol
  • Optimal neutrality / chemical parameters (impurities < 1 ppm)
  • Strong experience with many raw materials:
    • Cereals and starchy products : Corn, rye, wheat, barley, potato,
    • Sugar products : Juice and beet molasses, juice and sugar cane molasses
  • Control of the hydro-selection process for a high organoleptic quality
  • Development of different of optimized production schemes, from the rectification unit alone to complete integration into a global production unit, from cereals treatment to DDGS
  • Steady and reliable running on long periods of production
  • Easy operating. Entirely automated unit


  • Capacities already achieved from 10 000 l/d to 450 000 l/d of alcohol
  • Low grade concentration column and lightening column enabling high outputs in premium alcohol with very low extraction rates
  • Schemes with energetic coupling and multi-nozzles thermo-ejectors of high performance designed by Maguin Interis
  • Development of personalized solutions adjusted to specific needs of each customer
  • Conformity with the current norms of the country of production