Maguin Interis developed new distillation technologies enabling to reduce the steam consumption drastically by carrying out energy coupling with multiple effects or by integrating thermo-ejectors or by mechanical steam recompression. Maguin Interis distillation units belong now to the most steam economical ones of the market.
Maguin Interis technology is also based on the use of an additional column enabling to reduce the wash quantity without increasing the necessary steam quantity.


  • Use of low pressure steam suitable for an optimal use of the turbines in cogeneration units
  • Distillation at low temperature, adapted to the raw material, enabling to reduce the clogging and cleaning frequency. Production time is maximized
  • Self-supporting columns. Only 2 framing levels needed
  • Specific schemes for use of high pressure steam with « CHACOUX » multi-nozzle thermos-ejectors of Maguin Interis design
  • Integration of trays / structured packing of last generation enabling an improvement of the performances of unit
  • Offering energy coupling with dehydration units, spent wash or stillage concentration and drying units
  • Reduction of the spent wash or stillage quantities to be treated. Energy savings and reduction of the steam consumption


  • Installed capacities from 82 000 l/d to 950 000 l/d
  • Vacuum or pressure running of the columns
  • Stripping part and rectifying part integrated, thus enabling the production of Raw Alcohol at high alcohol strength 93% vol
  • Adapted extractions enabling to get the expected quality
  • Columns are superposed or independent according to the chosen scheme and to the wind and earthquake conditions