Maguin Interis has been the first to develop the dehydration technology on molecular sieves with many patents which are references in the fuel bioethanol or dehydrated ethanol production for pharmaceutical or chemical applications.
Many Maguin-Interis designs of dehydration systems on molecular sieves are available according to the integration level of the dehydration unit in the distillery, with ever higher performances and ever lower vapor consumptions.
Maguin Interis reputation owes to the dehydration field of molecular sieves, to the reliability of their units, and particularly to the lifetime of the zeolites lasting more than to 10 years.


  • Low steam consumption
  • Possibility of using low pressure steam
  • Exceptional lifetime of the zeolites
  • No need for regular reloading
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Reliability of operation
  • Low VOC emissions into the atmosphere
  • High alcohol yield
  • Low effluent discharges
  • Easy operation
  • Entirely automated unit


  • Capacities from 10 000 l/d to 850 000 l/d
  • 2 or 4 adsorbers according to capacities
  • Column for desorption effluent concentration as an option
  • Concentration columns of purges under pressure or vacuum
  • Possibility of integrated scheme with methanol column
  • Possible adjusting of the alcohol content up to 99.99% (100 ppm)
  • Control by color touch screen