Cristal Union renew us his trust with the supply of two juice pulp catcher for his site of Fontaine-le-Dun.

In the Maguin range since 1932, this equipment will enable our customer to improve significantly the quality of his epuration and to reduce the clogging of exchangers, for a better technical performance, energetical and environmental.

After one month of campaign, our experts have noticed the equipment performances thanks to improvements grant by Maguin, such as the new filtration grids of filtration of 500 µm and new wipers which give fully satisfaction.

The under pressure Maguin technology, by his installation on line, avoid the juice brewing and the additional pumping while warranting a minimal pressure loss. Comparing to the competitors processes, the overconsumption of antifoam, bactericidal and electricity are avoided.

We thank Cristal Union for his trust. With this nice realization, we are now able to widely propose this pulp catcher new generation.